is your competent and price efficient service for parking your car close to the Munich Airport. The parking spaces are located at Eichenstr. 8, 85445 Schwaig. Aside from holiday parking, we provide individual offers for companies. The short distance to the airport guarantees short transfer times in order to bring you to or return you from the airport quickly. All chauffeurs have a lot of experience in transportation and/or working at the airport.


1 Day 33 €
3 Days 50 €
7 Days 59 €
14 Days 92 €
21 Days 120 €

We provide:

  • 200 parking spaces
  • A fenced and lighted property
  • Individual and free transfer (max 5 persons) to your departure terminal and upon return from the arrival area
  • Real 5.5 km to the central area of the Munich Airport
  • 5 minutes of general transfer time
  • Shuttle from 3:30 am by appointment
  • Air conditioned vehicle
  • Child seats and seating cushions
  • WC
  • Free jump start for your car, in case of a low battery and of course: Reliability

With us you will not only be parked.